Welcome To Economies Of Scale!

Welcome to Economies Of Scale, this is a remake and finishing project of the original eos by Scott. Please be patient with us as we start the very long process of re-writting this entire game.

Economies Of Scale

Genre: Browser-Based MMO Business Simulation
Atmosphere: Cooperative Competitive
Status: Public Pre Alpha

Please visit our Forums http://www.economies-of-scale.com/forum
Please enjoy being a part of this new game before it even hits alpha.

While you are here why not checkout the original game?

Update: 2021
This project is not truly alive yet however it should be very soon possibly by the end of 2021, I am currently still in school and unable to do any real work on this project until I have all of the knowledge I will need. if you are interested in this project in a capacity to help or be available, then please send me a message in a few different places, one at my Admin account, or at my school e-mail e-mail. Thank you.

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